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Cold Chain and Vaccination Handling

Course Highlights:

    • 8 Hours online session
    • 2 days training session
    • Certification of Completion


The course covers an understanding of the Cold Chain, the different types of requirements for temperature-controlled goods, and why vaccine management is a specialized task. The course also explains the different types of active and passive packaging solutions, specialized vehicles and equipment used for transportation, by road or air. The course covers the full journey of cold chain movement- Primary, secondary and tertiary movement and also last-mile delivery. Participants will get to learn about the facilities at the airports, the clearance process for international vaccine movement, equipment used at the tarmac and inside the cargo terminal, loading and unloading of pharma shipments and different types of ULDs used by Airlines.

Target Audience:

Air freight sales, customer service and operations teams. Door to door delivery and teams handling surface movement and domestic movement of temperature controlled goods.


Course Outline:

  • What is Cold Chain?
  • Cold-chain - Temperature Requirement
  • What is a Vaccine?
  • Vaccine LogisticsManagement
  • Key to Success for Vaccine Logistics Mode
  • Typical Vaccine LogisticsModel
  • Process, Challenges & Solutions
  • Cold chain Terminology


8 Hrs